Saturday, February 5, 2011

Die Bayern Blogger

Die Bayern Blogger has got a load of links to various museums and exhibitions in the Bayern region

Natur Kunde Museum ::: Bamberg

J. says "I would like to see all the animals inside the Natur Kunde Museum"

Walking back to the car, N. said "Das war einen tollen Ausflug!" ("That was a great outing!")

Map showing directions from Bamberg Bahnhof to the Natur Kunde Museum

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Main Gallery

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Fichtelgebirgs Museum ::: Wunsiedel

We want to see the Fichtelgebirgs Museum because it's got lots of interesting stones.

Here's a map for directions

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Deutschen Dampflokomotiv Museum ::: Neuenmarkt

We would like to see the trains at the Deutschen Dampflokomotiv Museum!

Here's a map for how to get there

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